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High Latency Mobile broadband

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I started a contract with the 5G Mobile Hotspot 2022 two months ago but the ping/latency are very high when I'm gaming and in general. 

Download and upload are great, but the latency reaches from 38ms to 80ms all day, I'd like to get it reduced to around 10-15ms.


What can I do? 




Screenshot 2022-10-16 131058.png



Hey @Itfallen, It's great to hear that you're happy with your download and upload speeds. In regards to your ping/latency concerns, I would firstly recommend checking out our GigaCube troubleshooting guide.


If you're still experiencing the same issue after running through the linked checks, then please get in touch with our Social Media team with the completed GigaCube issue template found on point 6. 


We also have a similar thread relating to the same concerns that you've raised here

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What matters is unloaded latency unless you apply some form of SQM solution to avoid bufferbloat. 

4: Newbie

A ping of 38ms is pretty good if you ask me.  Its how long it stays like that, is the question.

100ms ping is a standard which never dies and is good enough for online gaming.

Its the servers that you connect to which is the problem.  Try and stick to EU servers. They will give you the lowest ping.  Stay away from US servers. 

You need to test the ping whilst actually gaming

Its possible to adjust LAN and WAN metrics, which will cap the internet speed at certain rates.  So lower the maximum speed by adjusting the metric to suit and it could lower the ms ping.

Worth a try.


Something to read

Let me know when you can mentally count 100ms in your head, and then realise how quick it actually is.

100ms in real life.  That would be the difference between skidding on an ice rink and then catching the slide, we're talking 100ms here, not 1 second.

100ms data stream is more then enough to handle any reflexes you think youve got. online or not 🙂

1/10th of a second is hardcore.

Id be well happy with 38ms and 200mb/s.
For me, there isnt an issue.  Its how well you deal with your 200  bits that makes the difference.

I know i can tether to 3 machines on a 3g 6mb connection, barely, and theyre all on the internet, working well.  Im chuffed with that !!


The only proper way to solve this is to get an OpenWrt router and install cake with cake-autorate on it. Otherwise latency will always increase under load. See here:

And also the project 'cake-autorate' on OpenWrt. 

You can see this effect by visiting:

Nice links 🙂

I can ping my phones tethered connection from my PC's wireless card, and get a desirable 4ms ping.

If i ping on my mobile data connection, my ping is about 350ms.

Love you vodafone  

In fairness no 4G operator addresses bufferbloat at the moment. The way to resolve this really is to set up an OpenWrt router with cake + cake-autorate on it. It's a very challenging issue to solve and the impact of bufferbloat on an internet connection is not at all well understood.