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Mobile Broadband

No signal but Vodafone refuse to cancel contract

3: Seeker

Hi all I’ve got a mobile WiFi contract with Vodafone, signal is rubbish i barely get 3mbps even if it does connect. Technical have tried 3 times now but agree the issue is just rubbish coverage.  But Vodafone refuse to let me cancel the contract and insist I have to pay it off (£460!) 


it’s been constant back and forth since i took the thing out, they just delay each time there’s a network update I have to wait for, or scheduled maintenance, or they need to test my unit etc etc etc. No one helps! No one calls back. They just ignore it. Every single time I call it’s 2-3 hours on the phone back and forth between departments and I have to prove it doesn’t bloody work every time. 


I finally got it escalated to a manager today after 5 months after threatening small claims court. I was promised they’d call me back tonight, they haven’t. Asked for an update they now say they’ll call in 24-48 hours but guessing that’s a lie. 

what can I do? I know the consumer contract regulations which replaced the distance selling regs state that I should have the right to cancel because it’s not a fixable problem as long as I engage with them trying to fix it but I have and it’s been 5 months now! They just seem to be disregarding the law and say they’ll contact debt collection if I cancel the direct debit. 

surely this isn’t legal or fair? 

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Hi @Whyallthelies, thanks for your post. We understand your frustration if you've been trying to sort this for the past 5 months. If you send us a message on Twitter or Facebook, our teams will be happy to review the account notes and check the next steps. You can find the contact details here

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