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Mobile Broadband

Slower than promised mobile broadband

1: Seeker

I have unlimited data on a 30 day rolling contract. This promises 10mb/second on 4g but is often much slower in use. There are no 4g network issues in my area.

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Hey @Countryman! The speeds you'd receive on our unlimited plans depending on the plan you're currently using. Unlimited Lite offers a maximum download speed of 2mbps, the Unlimited plan offers a maximum download speed of 10mbps, and the Unlimited Max plan offers the fastest speeds available in the area. From the above it sounds like you're on our Unlimited plan, the speed restrictions should only affect your download speeds as opposed to when you're just surfing the web.

If you're having network issues, please complete our network template here and post a completed version on this thread so we're able to investigate further. If you'd prefer to speak directly to an agent regarding your account, please pop our Social Media team a message here, as we're unable to discuss accounts over the public forum

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