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Mobile Broadband

Unlocking mobile wifi device R219h

1: Seeker

I am trying to unlock my MiFi device R219h.


I have successfully requested my NUC from Vodafone, and I'm following the steps in


When I connect my device to my laptop, it directs me to where I'm asked for my admin password for the device. However, I cannot find a prompt to unlock my NUC. I tried going to, but I get "The site can't be reached" (a Chrome error).


When the device is on, all three lights are green (including the signal light). However, I cannot connect to internet through my MiFi device. I think this may be because the device is still locked. Does anyone know how I can unlock my device?

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Hi @chris51333 just to confirm do you have another networks SIM in the device when doing this, as you will need this for the prompt to appear? 

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