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Mobile Broadband

Website Loading Issues / Not Displaying At All - When Using 4g Data

3: Seeker



When I try to access certain websites with my 4g data some websites are won't show up at all, but when I switch over to my WiFi the websites load up straight away without any issues.


I have spoken to Vodafone support many times, about clearing cookies/cache, resetting internet settings, removing any age restrictions/bars (which I didn't have anyway) but nothing seems to work.


I am thinking that using 4g may have more security things in place, so I've been doing research and I believe it has something to do with the SSL certificates on the websites, the SSL certs on the websites I am trying to get access to have SHA-1, which this website says web browsers may block, as Microsoft says:


I just wanted to know if this is the case from Vodafone? As I have used other websites which use SHA-1 certificates and I can access them without any issues.


Has anyone else had any problems accessing some websites? or even loading issues where you have to refresh the pages 6-8 times to get access sometimes?


Thank you in advance.




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Hey @razor1 I hope you're well and having a good week! 

I can certainly appreciate how frustrating it is to be unable to access certain websites on 4G. Have we checked that your SecureNet is fully disabled? 

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