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Can't dial a ported out number

4: Newbie

I have three vodafone lines (had all phones for a long time) and about 2 weeks ago I found none of them could dial me on my Vodafone ported out number that is now on EE. I can call my number from my landline and others can call me. They all fail to triple tone (network error). I also have an issue that they can not call the home landline which is a virgin number ported to BT. Again my EE mobile can call it but the vodafone lines fail with a long tone. I raised to Vodafone but they don't seem to be doing much. Anyone else have a similar issue dialling ported numbers from vodafone lines?


4: Newbie

I'm not clear which is the donor & recipient MNO for the lines with issues, however call routing issues are often caused by data on the donor network - the recipient network is responsible for escalating it.

4: Newbie

Donor was Vodafone and recipient was EE. The port was successful over 2 years ago. Do I as a Vodafone customer raise an issue that I can't reach a number that I know works from my Vodafone handset? My calling service isn't working as expected. Or should the called party raise an issue that they can't receive calls (if they could even know they can't receive calls? A bit like hands up if you are not here!

Final solution for information, EE have put in a new system and the number had not transferred. I ended up calling EE to solve. Vodafone haven't even worked out the issue or if it is fixed yet or told me it is fixed!