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Network queries

Intermitent 4g Service - terrible customer service

2: Seeker

First of all, It is so difficult to speak to a real person when calling customer service! The automated line automatically directs you to the website or the mobile assistant and then hangs up without ever giving you a chance to actually speak to a real person!!! I have been dealing with AWFUL 4g service for months now because it is such a headache to get a real person to help me with my issue.


Certain apps on my phone do not work on 4g, I cannot send or receive pictures on whatsapp over 4g, tiktok and twitter do not load, I can't receive calls over facebook messenger but I can send pictures over facebook messenger. 


I was advised that it was not a problem with the 4g network rather a problem with my phone, but I have tried both an EE sim card and an O2 sim card in my phone and all of my apps work seamlessly with these sim cards. 


I'm at my wits end with this!

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Hey @fgscotland I hope you're doing well and having a great week.

I'm sorry you've been having trouble getting this poor 4G connection looked into over the phone! 

We absolutely need to get this looked into for you and escalate the issue if needed. So we can investigate, could you please fill out the Network Query Template and then pop a message to our Social Media team here with your answers.

They'll run through some troubleshooting with you and if needed, raise a network case for further investigation. 

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