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Closed account still active on all credit reference agencies

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, I must preface this by stating how incredibly frustrated I am with Vodafone in general. 

I had a VOXI account for a while and decided to transfer it to a Vodafone pay monthly account. I signed a contract and after over a year of terrible customer support and service in general, I decided to leave early, cancel my agreement and close my account, as I preferred to pay the early termination fee than to continue with Vodafone. I cancelled my account in April 2023, paid everything and have a 0 pound balance, however Vodafone is still reporting  0 pound payments every single month to all of the credit reference agencies. Over these 9 months, I have contacted Vodafone several times to ask why my account was still showing as active and how to finally have it closed and settled. I was given every explanation possible, ranging from my direct debit is still active causing it to report payments every month to flat out denials that my account was still active on my credit reports. I was promised several times this would be fixed, but it never was. They have tried cancelling my direct debit, changing the address of the closed account, escalating this to every possible department ever, and still NOTHING. 

I am still able to log into My Vodafone and although it says my plan was cancelled, it is still generating a 0 pound bill every single month, which I can see in bill archive, the latest one being December 2023. Obviously this is probably why this account is still active on my credit reports. Furthermore, Vodafone's system is so messed up that the address on these bills (oldest address) doesn't even match the address reported on my credit file (another old address), which are not even my current address (recently moved into new address), making my credit file show 2 linked addresses (my current one and the old one Vodafone still reports). 

I would like this to finally be fixed, as I am getting incessantly frustrated to say the very least. I want my account closed and settled on every single credit reference agency, as my account has been closed since April 2023 and I have paid everything and have a 0 pound balance. This is borderline disrespectful at this point. Not to mention that upon searching here, I can see that several people have had the exact same issue, which indicates this is a known systematic issue that Vodafone refuses to fix.

I would like this fixed ASAP. Thanks


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

As there is no account access via this forum @melmatosfm I would suggest to contact the Vodafone Social Media Team via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries and they'll assist probably by engaging with the Credit File Teams. 

You could also consider contacting one of the credit houses i.e experian to see if they can help in anyway. 

I wish you all the best. 

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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@melmatosfm I would send your story to Ofcom too. Even if they are not able to help immediately they should be able to give you further advice.