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Split Port

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Need some assistance please.

To give some context ive ported my number several times in the past years from Vodafone to Giffgaff and back again.

This year i left vodafone on the 6th Sept and joined them on 28th Sept.  My temp number was 07442 xxxxxx and had not set up an account.  I thought I could set that up once my number was ported.  The usual sms came through with a port date of 6th Oct.  

Ive chased both by phone.  Livechat and even the port teams numbers, the latter refuse to talk to me.   

I dont have the issues of the number ports that others have had ie. No calls from certain networks but I cannot create an account or view my bills.  

I tried to cancel my account last night befpre the 30 day period but likely i would loose my number entirely.  My number i wanted to port was 0738 xxxxxxx  and a rather easy number to remember.

Ive had no access to veryme either.

Its rapidly coming up to a month and a failed number port.  I feel ive lost out on the usual perks I get and im stuck in a contract i cant be released from without penalty.  

Giffgaff have washed their hands saying i need to contact vodafones split port team and vodafone are saying that giffgaff are not sending the info they need to complete the port.   Who is at fault.  Ive never had issues like this before.

To think I was a regular forum contributor for giffgaff but not for vodafone.  

Final question can anyone tell me exactly how these ports work ie MVNO or direct difference in how these work.  Could giffgaff be a bit difficult?  What are my options of leaving vodafone.  Ie not performing a service or allowing me to set up an account.   



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This is certainly not a split port @VoComNewbie , you have access to calls. texts and data.  Your problem here is account access.

I am sure your problem here will be having an account previously set up for the number, the previous account should remain active for around 6 months and you may be able to log into the same account using the same log in information.

The best way to get this solved is by speaking directly to the Social Team here on the forum, they will have all the necessary account access and be in a good position to make sure you are able to log in.  It may be necessary for them to delete all traces of the previous account, this will enable you to set up a fresh account.  The Team can be contacted through social channels by following the information on this link Contact Us 

Thank you for your reply however its Vodafone who told me its to do with a failed spilt port.

However I still get the regular updates via sms.   

Thanks for choosing to join Vodafone. Unfortunately, we're still waiting on some information from your previous provider - so there might a slight delay in getting your number moved over to us. Don't worry though, we'll let you know once we've completed the switch - thank you for your patience.

The phone app also shows this

Screenshot_20231028_143141_My Vodafone.jpg



MyVodafone account did work when the temp number was sent. I believe you dont need to sign in at all to view usage data however now the number ports done in part I cant now access and get the above

When i first spoke to a uk rep they told me to delete the app which i did and reinstall hence me thinking its the port as does vodafone.  I have still not had confirmation the port has gone through.

I hope this helps.   Ive asked vodafone on their media site /twitter to review.   Lets hope they can do something.  Any help is very welcome. 

I've been having the same issue since the start of December. Just wondered if you managed to get a resolution in the end? All best.

Hey @HUMEANBEING If you message our Social Media Team here, we can take a closer look into your account and help. 


I've been having the same issue since the start of December. Just wondered if you managed to get a resolution in the end? All best.

Hey.   Yeah i eventually made a formal complaint and have been compensated for the issue.   Vodafone dis finally deliver even if it ended up being a headache. 

Good luck to you 

Thanks, much appreciated. They've currently restarted the porting process, so I'll see how that goes before following the same path. Fortunately I don't need to use my phone much for calls or texts, but it would be nice to be able to continue to use my established number.