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Resolved! Italy Infinito SIM Plan

While in Italy on Oct 18, I visited a Vodaphone store to purchase a SIM card and internet access for my Canadian phone.  I don't speak Italian but was fortunate to find a rep who spoke very good English.  I was recommended to buy and purchased a SIM ...

per4mer by 2: Seeker
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Default payment

Hi,I have recently checked my experian report, and to my shock I have found nearly 18 months of default payments for £15 per month. No idea what it was for, I have had never any form of communication to make me aware of this defaulted payment every m...

essy2k by 2: Seeker
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Cannot track

Help! I cannot track my order, and as per email my order will be delivered today. 

MykAgc by 2: Seeker
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Finding new posts in the forum

It's been awhile since the forum was updated, and yet doesn't work and any previously read threads/topics with new additional posts/replies are not highlighted. Any timescales on when these problems may be fixed?Are the designers even aware of them?

Jayach by 16: Advanced member
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Advice on international roaming (Vodafone-Idea)

Hi everyone. I am planning to visit the US for a couple of months and Canada also. I use a Xiaomi Redmi phone with VI (Vodafone-Idea) SIM card. Have a couple of questions regarding international roaming.I would like to keep my SIM active for receivin...

How to get through to a person

We have just moved away from Vodafone last week, and all our phones ported over easily.... except one.I had a request open to help with this and was promised some would get back to me, but they didn't.  Now I cannot get back into our account as we do...

Murof11 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Alcatel A5 LED Android 6.0

hi i need help with my micro ssd card in my Alcatel A5 LED Android 6.0 i dont know how to get it out can someone pls tell me 

Website unlock please [registered as 18+ website]

Hi there, we have a website being blocked for our sales people who use vodafone data sims while out on the roads. AES - Electrical Contractors for Berkshire, Surrey and London ( Can you please reclassify? Thanks,  

Free SIMs for Ukrainian refugees

On the vodafone web site it states that all our guest Ukrainians need to do is to go to the checkout of the vodafone store with identification, then the sim cards will be issued. We tried this at out local Skipton Vodafone branch and were flatly refu...