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Hold music

Can you add hold music on Vodafone. So when you place someone on hold. It plays music instead of silence. 

Jalexa94 by 3: Seeker
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Wrong adverse credit affecting mortgage application

Hi I had a mobile Internet dongle with Vodafone bank in 2020 I cancelled my contract but you still requested payments and sent the account into default.. back at the time when I eventually got through to a customer service advisor, they assured me it...

Resolved! My client website is blocked by vodafone?

Hi,My client website: being blocked by vodafone, stating that it's an 18+ website(it's not 18+ at all!)It works on O2 networks and wifi, but vodafone is giving an issue.I have https enabled and SSL certificates (can be checked o...


Not getting otp codes from santander?

Any suggestions,  I cannot get otp from santander.   No mobile number changed,  but new mobile,  Since having new mobile now does not receive otp. Santander say not them contact vodafone.   vodafone say contact santander as its not them. My head is g...

tillyb by 3: Seeker
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Holiday prize

I've won a holiday and spending money is included . When will I get the money

Cliffy70 by 3: Seeker
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Court Action Against Vodafone

Hi AllHas anyone taken Vodafone to the Small Claims Court? Would like to hear of experiences.Brief synopsis of my situation:- Closed a Vodafone Broadband account due to poor service- Told my account balance was zero by Vodafone- No letters or emails ...

HSS1234 by 2: Seeker
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Unknown account in arrears

Hi there, I can see on my credit report that I am in arrears with Vodafone since 2020. I don't understand how this is possible as I haven't had any contracts with Vodafone since 2013. 

VeryMe rewards vs Voxi Drop

I've moved over from an MVNO that runs on a network that is slightly younger than Vodafone as  I got fed up with a lousy signal round where I live but tried Voxi as they had the £5 offer if you pay with PayPal as I wanted to test the signal as Vodafo...

iPhone Compatibility with Pre-Paid SIM Cards

I am visiting Portugal for two weeks in October and was planning to get a SIM card to use with an iPhone 5 I have saved for travel purposes. Will a Vodafone SIM card I purchase in Portugal work on an (unlocked) iPhone 5?  Thanks.

wet_egCA by 2: Seeker
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Plan cancelation

Hi. I got a new plan for my product from Vodafone and wanted to cancel the previous one. I contacted vodafone online chat and got transferred 6times to a wrong team. It was soo frustrating. But one of the colleagues finally done what i asked for. I r...