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Do not use vodafone guaranteed trade in

My advice is not to use vodafone guaranteed trade in. I wish I read reviews before doing this as it is clear that it is all a scam. I have posted my phone via DPD returns pack. However, voadfone keep changing time of delivery for it to be received. M...

5G Not Provisioned

Hi - I have an IPhone 15 Pro Max - I don’t live in a 5g area - currently sat in a 5g area, with no access to 5g. would appreciate any ideas -  or somebody checking it has been provisioned.Having received my price increases, talking about investment i...

Dreamlab app issues Ipad

The following is for the dreamlab support team.I can leave my Ipad running the dreamlab app for hours, without it making any progress at all or very little progress, depending on the project I’m supporting, compared to the same projects on my Android...

Kasdashd by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Is There Free wifi At Istanbul Airport?

I wanted to know if anyone who has ever traveled to Istanbul airport knows if there is internet access here or not. And if there is, is it free to access?

Warranty scam

Samsung Flip 4. Has never been dropped and in a case from day 1.The screen developed a bright green line down one side.The Vodafone service centre claim it has physical damage and not covered by warranty. I think k this a an easy opt-out for them.Wan...

Pinnit by 3: Seeker
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Not receiving OTP codes from abroad

Hi. For the last 2 weeks I have been unable to receive OTPs from a bank in Italy (which I need to access their app). Everything worked fine before and the bank have confirmed that at their end everything is fine. It appears that they are blocked in s...

MProctor by 2: Seeker
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Rejected - check

Just had £10 monthly contract rejected by Vodaphone. Advised I did not meet the criterion. Never had any court judgement, have annual pension of £22k, have no loans, own my house outright and have significant savings. As such no sound reasoning to re...

Resolved! Fraud with my card

 Good morning, on the morning of March 25, two unauthorized and unknown transactions were made to Vodafone Moto, with my Mastercard Debit card.One for €116.75 with the transaction code: 060460786029And the other one of €64.78 with the transaction cod...

BeckTF by 2: Seeker
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