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Trade in phone

So i received my trade in bag and put my phone in there, then I took it to the Vodafone shop near my house and he opened the bag back up (which I was confused about) and he checked the phone over (I had already stated the phone had been checked befor...

Vodafone Curve tracker.

I have a Curve tracker and I have a feature request. I cannot understand why, having already got Bluetooth in it, the Curve cannot use this feature to pin point the lost article. At best it would put the lost item within a 50m radius? Why not have th...

PJZwyx by 2: Seeker
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free netflix accounts

web series and movies on netflix is favourite things do watch but as a student i cant afford a netflix account so is there any way by which i can get free netflix account please someone help me    [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove off to...

Stolen phone number

My phone number has been stolen from my three mobile account and ported to a Vodafone SIM. I'm at my wit's end Three mobile have been useless, they're saying it's fault is at Vodafone's end running a skeleton crew due to covid. I've had to block my b...

max1988 by 3: Seeker
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New Years Resolutions

Hey all, I know it's a little cliché - but I was wondering if anyone had set themselves any new years resolutions. I usually don't bother, as they don't seem to last very long  I think instead of resolutions per se I'm just going to try and make some...

TJ by Community Manager (Retired)
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Merry Christmas. Happy new phone on Christmas Morning.

A Very Merry Christmas on this frosty Christmas morning to one and all. Yes it's a different one this year but it is what you make it at the end of the day. Me and my partner will be video calling all our family and Grandchildren to be a part of thei...


Music playlist on Vodafone helpline

Please can you identify the songs currently played when someone is placed 'on hold' on your Vodafone helpline? (191). I know that on this forum you have detailed the songs played in June 2019 but these are not the ones I heard a few days ago when I c...