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Applewatch and Onenumber connectivity

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So, I took the plunge and purchased an Applewatch Ultra 2 from Vodafone, local store set me up with a new Onenumber plan (with a different phone number?). Told me to wait 24 hours for my Watch was available to use on Celllular. Was told I didn't need to do anything.

New eSIM downloaded to my phone automatically, nothing happening on my Watch. 3 day over 1.5 hours with 191 getting moved around, nobody seemed to know where to transfer me or what to do. Utterly useless.

Day 4 another 1.5 hours on the phone, after trying a few technical things (re-start of watch, SIM out of phone etc) I was they would try a disconnection/re-connection). However that wouldn't happen for another couple of days. Contacting Vodafone on twitter, said some soothing words but no real progress. 

Yesterday, somebody was meant to call me to arrange disconnection/re-connection. No call, twitter support said they would carry this out. Message this morning, all completed.....but still no connection on my Watch.

Ive now tried to add a connection via the watch app and Onenumber, added a subscription with the plan associated with the eSIM. Now I think Ive added an extra subscription and will get charged extra.

Pulling my hair out now, no idea what to real help from Vodafone. Im now considering returning the watch and cancelling my eSIM contract. Should have looked on these forums beforehand seeing the number of issues with this all over the place.

Can anybody help? Ive been with Vodafone for 25 years and never experience customer service as horrific as this.


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UPDATE: Contacted today. Offered compensation which I accepted, One number plan cancelled and Watch being returned next week.

My advice, do not buy an Applewatch Ultra or Ultra 2 on Vodafone if you expect to connect it to a One number subscription. There is a very good chance this won't work. The support you will receive is detailed on this thread.

Thanks for watching.

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16: Advanced member

Save your sanity and return the watch.

Ha ha, im far too invested in documenting my experience.

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16: Advanced member

If they do finally resolve your issues, god help you should you need to setup the connection again at any point in the future. 👀

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UPDATE: Still no callback, no email or message. 

No idea what's going on now.

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UPDATE: So after contacting the Social team to understand why I hadn't received a call back I am then sent a link to talk to customer service AGAIN.

Speak to somebody and after explaining the issue (as in I want to speak to the guy who was dealing with my problem and promised the call back) I am them put through to the technical department again. I am then told........


Naturally this illicits a pretty negative reaction by myself and the technical supporter tell me not to worry and they will sort this out and she will call me tomorrow to update. My initial assumption is they can do it without me cancelling and resubscribing to another One number. Result....or is it...

Technical rep then tells me she needs to transfer me to another department for some 'verification' before they can carry on with sorting the issue out. I am then transferred to the......SALES TEAM in order to cancel my One number and request a new one.[Removed]. By this point I'm so invested in getting this sorted that I can't stop now. 

This is now my 4th One number connectivity plan in 36 days. I am then told by the Sales rep that the plan I currently have (with 50% discount applied) will be cancelled and the new full price plan will be activated.

The tech support person has again promised to call me tomorrow with updates on the latest connection. 

Another 2 hours on the phone and chat, another One number connectivity plan......still no functioning Applewatch.

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UPDATE: Thanks Mods for the edit to my previous post, its a shame you can't offer me any actual assistance.

Received a text on the 16th telling me my case was in progress and i would be contacted soon. Received all emails saying my latest One number had been activated and I was ready to go.

Still no contact from the technical team. We are now on my 40th day, 4th different One number connection, At least 2 weeks since my escalation to the 2nd level technical team, 1 week since my latest contact with the technical team again after the original customer service advisor just didn't bother to ring me back whilst me previous One number connection was being investigated.

And still no cellular on my Applewatch.

I'm guessing i'll be forced to contact the Social team again to obtain some sort of update on my case. 

Edit: Last contact with the technical team via txt was on the 19th and not the 16th.

Hello, 👋

I have read through your thread with apple watch connectivity with OneNumber and understand that it is really frustrating for you to repeat the same procedure every few weeks and still unable to make it work. It's really sad that it's been nearly 2 months and you are still facing this issue and the team is not able to find a solution for your problem.

So, I did some research on my own and found some links that might be helpful to you. I have attached the links below: (Please give a feedback if anything works for you. It might be helpful to other people who are facing the same issue)

1. (Pairing your apple watch)

2. (Vodafone OneNumber)

3. (eSim Explained)

4. (How to install an eSim on your phone)

5. (eSim help and information)

6. (OneNumber Information)

7. (OneNumber guide to get connected)

I hope this will help solve your issue.

Have a good day.

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UPDATE: Still nothing. Ive now been left with no contact from the technical team for a full week after they requested my cancellation and re-subsciption to one number. Not a text, not an email.

Contacted the social team again to ask about cancellation of everything and return of my Applewatch. This cannot be done by them due to the 14 day cooling off period expiring.

Scheduled a call back with the social team next wednesday to see if there are any updates. If nothing has happened by then I will be raising an official complaint. 

Really disappointed that after years of good customer service Vodafone wishes to treat me like this. 

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UPDATE: Contacted the social team again today as I received an email saying my One number connectivity plan has been cancelled again.

Social team have responded and it looks like the 'Back office team' have in fact put a cancellation on my Primary mobile phone line, so I should expect a loss of service at some point.

No communication directly from the "Back office' team, if I hadn't proactively contacted Vodafone I wouldn't have even have been aware. Feels like the technical 'back office' team are a business on their own completely separate from the customer service team.