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Replaced Lumia 1020 keeps rebooting

4: Newbie

I have been given a replacement Lumia 1020 for one that was handed in and couldnt be fixed.

After 2 days it has started rebooting constantly throughout the day.

It seems to be worse when not connected to a WIFI network.

It will reboot itself as soon as it is asked to send some data via an app etc. (Facebook updates, Twitter)

This doesnt seem to happen at home with a WIFI connection.


As Xmas is around the corner I really dont want to lose this phone to the repair route and be given another rubbish Android wreck whilst its away being repaired.

What am I actually allowed to do with this phone so as not to invalidate the warrenty?

Can I Flash it with native windows or does it have to be the Vodafone ROM etc?



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Community Champion (Retired)

Firstly is your phone upto date

settings check for updates, 

There were some issues with the early firmwares regarding frequent reboots, but these were mostly solved with Lumia Cyan

And Lumia Denim (due out in the next few weeks) may help further


If this doesn't fix the problem you the next step is to use the software recovery tool to reflash the firmware


This will reset the phone to an out of box state so make sure your backups are upto date before you do it and the phone will rcover all your apps / contacts etc when you restart it


Flashing with a non native firmware won't fix your problem but will void your warenty so if reflashing the firmware doesn't help then I'm afraid its another trip to the repair centre


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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