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Other broadband queries

Bricked router after a factory reset, any options?

2: Seeker

Hi, Chat Support asked me to do a factory reset on my router to try and get my broadband working after moving house. (There was a Flashing red Internet light on top).

Now my router doesn't even boot properly,  no WiFi, no Ethernet connection just a pusleing red bar light at the bottom.

Router is a HUAWEI Model HHG2500

Is there a way to reload the firmware via the USB ports on the side or top? 

I have been without broadband for 24 days since moving in and it's getting very annoying!


I'm feeling that it would be quicker to switch to another provider that get this router sorted out with Vodafone.


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13: Advanced Member

Long time since I used an HHG2500 but from memory, if the red light at the bottom of the router is pulsing slowly, it means the router is trying to connect and fast pulsing means it has tripped over itself whilst booting and needs powering off and pause before powering it up again.  


I can’t imagine that a simple factory reset would gerf the router so I'll guess at it simply not being 'provisioned' to your new line.

 I can't imagine either why they haven’t sent you a shiny new THG3000 either but hey, even if they had, the problem would exist until it has been provisioned.





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16: Advanced member

Assuming you used Vodafone's home move service it is up to them to get it working.

24 days without internet is unacceptable, raise a complaint. Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone


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