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Other broadband queries

Password reset not working

2: Seeker

I recently set up a Vodafone broadband account that I cannot access.


I received an email with my username and a temporary password with instructions to log on and change the password to something memorable. In the process of doing this I was met with a server error message which prevented me from finalising this setup and setting a password. I am now in a situation where the account is locked, the initial password emailed to me does not work and I haven't set my own password. 


I have attempted to go through the forgotten password route and have received multiple temporary password emails, meaning that my username, email, and pass code are all setup correctly. However, every time I try to enter one of these temporary passwords I am met with an 'unexpected error' message and still cannot access the account (see below).




I have tried this on several occasions on both my phone as well as on my laptop only to be met with the same error. Is it possible to fix this?


Additionally, I have another Vodafone account for my mobile that works fine. Is this error caused by multiple accounts being registered with the same details?


In the event that this password issue cannot be resolved, would it be possible to merge these accounts so that I can pay my broadband bills through the mobile account that works?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @JThomson 


If you have a mobile account already set up all services can be shown on the same account.  If you contact Vodafone through Customer Service channels, they will be able to add the broadband to your pay monthly account for you to benefit from Vodafone Together.


You can contact the Broadband Team from here: Broadband and Home phone FAQ's Alternatively, speak to the Social Team by following the information here: Contact Us 

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2: Seeker

Hi @AnnS


Thanks for the reply.


I sent a message to VodafoneUK on Facebook last night linking to this post and was asked if I wanted to link the two accounts. I confirmed that I did, but I have heard nothing back. I sent another message this morning to no reply and it appears that I cannot restart the bot as a conversation has already started. I have also tried using the Vodafone live chat only to be met with error messages and a never ending loading screen.


Is there a way I can email Vodafone to resolve this issue?

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12: Established

.@JThomson Try 0333 304 0191 for customer services

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I'm sorry there's been a delay picking up your post @JThomson, from the information you've provided it sounds like you've not bee passed from out bot to an adviser, You can speak to one of the team by selecting 'Get started' followed by 'asked to DM'. Once you've done this, include a link to post and your Community ID in your message and if there's a further delay, let us know and we'll be able to locate it using these details. 

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