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CityFibre on street, not to property = No contract renewal

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

An odd situation I find myself in as an existing Vodafone customer is being unable to renew my contract due to a weird CityFibre/OpenReach issue.



  • CityFibre dug up my street back in 2020, and laid cables down the full length of the street. There are connection boxes in the ground in front of all properties, including mine
  • Late in 2020, I noticed that other houses in the street were now available to order Gigafast, with the exception of a small handful (half a dozen or so), including mine
  • Emails/Tweets to CityFibre have been met with a vague "We'll let you know when it's available"
  • I renewed my contract in 2020, which was due for renewal at the end of last year, and I've held out for renewal offers that skipped the forthcoming price rise
  • I attempted to renew my contract after receiving the last email, received an email stating they'd send me details in 7 days, then was told that the order had failed


  • As CityFibre is available in my area, there's a restriction that means any order I place must be using a CityFibre service
  • Although I'm using OR now, I cannot enter into a new contract for services that are already being rendered
  • One customer service rep told me that at some point my OR line will be decommissioned

I'm at a complete loss as to how to move forward. It seems that my options are sit tight and take prices rises on the chin, hoping that CityFibre at some point solve whatever issue might possibly exist, or finally realize to activate my line, or leave. The customer service staff have been great when I've spoken to them, but they seem completely powerless to progress this issue