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Dodgy Pricing On Upgrade

4: Newbie

I'm hoping Vodafone will pick this up and I'd also like opinions...

I have just upgraded from Pro (200) to Pro II (900) broadband after being given a good offer on the web chat service.

Now, the new plan I am on is Pro II 900, which according to Vodafone's new price list is £48 in contract and £73 out of contract. I was able to get this at £39 through the web chat which I was happy with as I also get a further £3 together discount.

The problem being is the pre-contract agreement is showing £73 with a £34 discount applied, bringing it to £39.

I don't believe this is fair as I'm in contract and should have £48 with a £9 discount to bring this to the price quoted, because in April with the price increase it will be the £73 that has the price increase applied and will bump the price up a lot more compared to if it was £48 (as per Vodafone's new price list and if I was a new customer).

I'm guessing this is why they have a special offer on this package as they know they'll be very shortly bumping up the costs, but it seems very underhand to me.


15: Advanced member
15: Advanced member

Presumably, you will be in contract and if anything like mine last year, the increase will be applied to what you actually pay rather than out of contract prices...

Mine* was £21.00 after discount etc.  The 2023 increase (10.5% + 3.9%) of 14.4% added £3.02.  
£21.00 + £3.02 gives a new total of £24.02 and my bill each month since has been £24.02.

* FTTC as FTTP is not available where I live.

4: Newbie

That's what I would have expected, however their pre-contract agreement says this:

Future charges: Each April your monthly plan charge and out of bundle charges will increase by the consumer prices index (CPI) rate published by the Office for National Statistics in January plus an additional 3.9%. The monthly plan charge is the amount payable before any discounts are applied and your price increase will be calculated based on that figure.

Future charges example: if the CPI rate is 10.5% (published rate as of January 2023), your new charge would be:
(excluding discounts as per 'Your service' section)
Package 1 24 month Pro II Full Fibre 900 £83.51

15: Advanced member
15: Advanced member

Perhaps they have updated their Ts & Cs but basing the annual rip-off increase on the artificially high price instead of the actual price paid that  it was always designed to be sold does seem very underhanded.

It will be interesting to see if a Vodafone employee (forum moderators/admin) pick this one up and advise although the normal response there is to get you to contact the team / to raise your issue via social media.