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FTTC to FTTP Upgrade

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3: Seeker



I have Superfast 2 broadband (over 2 years) and OpenReach and CityFibre have installed fibre on my estate. However, I live in an apartment, which I own and realise that in order to get FTTP I would require fibre for the last hop into my apartment. So, when looking on the Vodafone broadband checker it states I can get Gigafast, but I would be happy with Superfast 100 (100 Mbps).  I called up to upgrade to Superfast 100 thinking they would have to send an engineer out to replace the copper i.e. the DSL line, but the operator said they only have to booast the speed at the exchange and that I had fibre already installed. I'm throughly confused.


The broadband boost is due to go live in just over a week. Thoughts? 





Community Manager
Community Manager

So we can offer the correct information regarding your upgrade @ChewyWahid, we'd need to take a look at your account and check what changes are being made through your order. As we're unable to access your account through Community posts, we'll need you to pop us a private message through our social channels.

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16: Advanced member

I think you have every reason to be confused. Do you know if any of the other residents in your block have gone full fibre and how that was achieved for them?

Have Vodafone said whether it will be Openreach of CityFibre that they will use?

After some investigation by Vodafone, the final hop FTTP from the street to my building has not been given permission yet by the building landlord/management company. I've contacted the management company and awaiting a response.  I guess as only a lease-holder I'm at the mercy of the freeholder.




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Superfast 100 is NOT FTTP - All Superfast services run over the copper pair.  Ultrafast /Gigafast services (e.g. Ultrafast 200) is  fibre to premises (FTTP) .

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16: Advanced member

@m1kegibson wrote:

Superfast 100 is NOT FTTP - All Superfast services run over the copper pair.  Ultrafast /Gigafast services (e.g. Ultrafast 200) is  fibre to premises (FTTP) .

Sorry but you are wrong. Superfast 100 is FTTP.

It's the bottom tier, goodness alone knows why they called it that.

Edit: As you can see Superfast 100 is 100 down and up, You won't get that over copper.


2nd edit: In fact if you compare it to where I live and there is no FTTP, even superfast 1 & 2 appear to be provided via FTTP, if it is available




Be careful about upgrading to FTTP by city fibre. You will get higher pings across the board. City fibre are aware of the "issue" and consider it normal.


If you are into gaming, you are better off staying on a FTTC connection.

I do game! By the time I get permission CityFibre may have resolved the issue....perhaps.

City fibre have said to me that pings upto 100ms are normal and considered acceptable. Therefore, we can only expect the problem to get worse as they activate more connections.


It's important that people keep taking up this issue as the senior tech at City fibre is openly stating that nothing will be done. This goes against City fibres MD who frequently posts on twitter about how City fibres goal is low latency for Gamers. He is probably not even aware his own team are not honouring his commitments.


If we keep making noise over this, hopefully someone senior at Vodafone will notice and take it up with City Fibre. This is a massive deal between Vodafone and Cityfibre and I'm sure City fibre wouldn't want to jeopardise their partnership just because of one person.