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Other broadband queries

I think we need clarity on Black Friday £150 Voucher For Superfast 1 OR 2 Broadband Deal

3: Seeker

Ok It was time to switch broadband as Virgin more than doubled my current Tariff so I did a price comparison and up comes the Vodaphone Superfast 2 deal for £20 a month with a £150 voucher


So ok i signed up - first they ask you to input your email address and the affiliate i believe is a company called giftcloud then sends you an email but i proceeded on with the deal using the GET STARTED button rather than clicking on the link in the email they send you otherwise what is the point in having a GET STARTED button?*GE*YeOVDTTR


You click get started and it takes you to the giftcloud website where i signed up for the broadband Superfast deal


I then checkedthe email  to find that you have to click the link in the email that giftcloud sends you.. or do you? It is quite vague on what you need to do as it implies but does not state that clicking the GET STARTED button which takes you to the vodaphone website that this url would contain the referral link that would be in the email they send you that you need to click on to get the deal!


They  include a link to check how the voucher is proceeding which takes you to the giftcloud website and it just gives me an error page so it seems as if you do have to click the link in the email and not proceed straight to the vodaphone website???.


Does anyone actually know what you need to do?


Do i need to cancel the broadband deal and go through the email link from giftcloud all over again in order to get the £150 voucher as I know these things are pretty sly and devious when it comes to obfuscating the customer so they have a get-out when the voucher is not received or linked as I have noticed with many other providers?


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16: Advanced member

I also joined via an affiliate (WeGift), and I think I used the link on their website. (can't be sure, it was awhile ago)

I think they also send the email in case you didn't continue from the webpage and want to try to get you to continue via them,

I didn't get the confirmation that I was entitled to the voucher for another 5 days so as long as you definitely went from their website, I think you will be O.K.

It is a little worrying that the status link isn't working yet, but if the link you posted is what you received, it's strange that it is "generic" and doesn't have a way to identify you. Perhaps give it a till Monday, and if you still haven't had confirmation cancel and start again then.

Edit:: The error page does give an email address so perhaps try emailing them. hello (at) 

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