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Other broadband queries

Kabelmail not working, all my emails are gone.

2: Seeker

This is getting rediculous. Not only am I fighting to get my connection stable for 3 months but now this? I need the links I get on that Adress... it is important for my work!!

all you do is lie to me.. connection gone for hours, I call customer support and they tell me everything is okay?! while my workplace also uses Vodafone and has the same issues?!

I'm a customer since 2012, and the decline of quality and abysmal support now is painful to watch! Stop selling contracts if you can't deliver

I will call my bank tomorrow and revoke the sepa mandate. You won't get a single cent till this is fixed and my lawyer will make sure that I can cancel my contract and don't have to wait 2 years.

this is how you lose loyal long time customers.

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17: Community Champion
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