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Migration from copper to fiber failed without me knowing. Service cancelled

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi all, 

I am about to lose my patience with Vodafone. Long story short on Monday night this week my Internet stopped working. When I called customer service, they told me that this was caused by a failed migration from copper to fiber that was automatically taking place in my area, due to my broadband reference missing in their system. They said they followed a process to fix the issue which would take up to 5 working days. When I called again, I was told that they would raise a manual request to expedite the resolution, which would take up to 72 hours.

I do not trust Vodafone, so I kept calling every day to get an update on my issue and every time the excuse I was told was different. Everybody was telling me a different story. On Thursday, I was told that Openreach doesn’t need to investigate the issue because everything works fine on their end. However, when I called on Friday, I was told that their system shows an issue with my postcode, and nobody should have internet access in this postcode, so Openreach should come to investigate. When I checked online, there was no issue in my area.

at the same time, I have lost access to my broadband account. The account is cancelled. I demanded that they will activate my account right there and then, during me being on the phone and they promised me that this will be fixed tonight. I am 100% sure that it will not be fixed, as every promise I have gotten from them is false so far.

Does anyone know how to proceed with this? I am working from home and I haven’t been able to properly work for a whole week now and this is getting very disturbing. It’s causing me a lot of stress and I’m borderline starting to get panic attacks every time I have to contact Vodafone. Can’t believe people are lying to my face every day. Can someone help please?



I'm really sorry about the experience you're having, it sounds like it's been dragging on for a while. There isn't anything we can do over the forums and you would need to contact a specialist team who can access your account. As it's been going on so long I'd recommend raising a complaint and see if it can be referred to our customer relations team.