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Pro 2 broadband cant connect Ring doorbell

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I'm not very techy. I can't connect my Ring doorbell which apparently is on the 2.4ghz frequency. I have looked in the general settings and it says 2.4/5/6, but I can't edit these  (it's says go to superwfi on the app but can't seem to do it there either. Can anyone help? The doorbell connected with my last black vodafone hub.

Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Are any other devices using the 2.4Ghz service connecting @Ka6r9en? If they are the issue may be with the doorbell. If they aren't, or you're unsure, pop us a message through one of our social channels and one of our dedicated team will be happy to look into this and check for you.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Most Ring doorbells have the option to use "other mode" pairing, which is AP, and negates the need for the device you are using to perform the pairing from needing to connect to the router 2.4GHz band specifically.

Obviously, the Ring doorbell needs to be reset and put into pairing mode first!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I've got the same issue with Pro 2 broadband and a Ring Video Doorbell 3 which is 2.4ghz / 5ghz compatible. It will not connect to the 2.4ghz / 5ghz SSID 'default' network. It *will* connect to the 2.4ghz guest network, so the device isn't faulty, but there is something about the 'default' network that is preventing it. Apparently Vodafone won't allow splitting the 2.4ghz / 5ghz network. This is very unfortunate because I have the exact same issue with various 2.4ghz-only HomeKit devices. They simply won't connect to the combined 2.4ghz/5ghz band. 

Thank you I'll try the guest network and see if anyone else can come up with a solution for other 2.4ghz.

Did this work for you on guest wifi and did you see any reduction In speed running a guest network.

Did it also enable you to rename the guest ssid ?

I had the same issue, I've set up the guest WiFi and changed the SSID and hidden the network - seems to work a treat! 

I'm having exactly the same issues did the guest network work? If so how do I set this up? Thanks


Ridiculous though it is, the only successful solution was to set up a second non- Vodafone router with a different Wi-Fi name that was 2.4ghz only. Because it is plugged into the Vodafone router everything can see each other. All the Ring and HomeKit devices connect to that dedicated 2.4ghz network. And yes, having two sets of routers is ridiculous and entirely because Vodafone doesn’t care a fig about its customers. Every attempt to resolve it was met with a shrug and a “we don’t offer that”. I have absolutely no idea what the benefit is to them enacting such customer-unfriendly changes. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

.@jeep I suspect it is a cost saving measure. VF will not have to expend effort and money addressing issues that do not exit after they have been removed from the router's firmware.