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Other broadband queries

Pro Broadband - does it use MESH or simply booster technology?

2: Seeker

Ok, so thinking about upgrading to Pro broadband to try and remove a few places where the fairly puny Vodafone router won't reach in my home.


It isn't very clear what the 'Super WIFI Boosters' actually are, as there is a bit of overlapping teminology around. Are they just standard boosters, or are they truely MESH?


Or should I just keep the package that I have and buy something like a set of TP-Link Deco M5s instead?



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16: Advanced member

That's a good question, but I'm not sure anyone can answer it as Vodafone simply don't seem to give any technical information on the kit they supply.

Personally I would use the money you will save by not going to Pro to buy the Decos. They will will be of more use in the future and will still have a resale value should you no longer require them.

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