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Other broadband queries

Pro broadband 4g backup

2: Seeker

Hi all. 

The pro t&c’s say -


You will receive 50GB of data with your 4G dongle. If you run out of data, please contact our WiFi Xperts, who may add extra data as needed at no additional cost”. 

May, or will? One’s worth paying extra for, the other’s a non-committal guess. 

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Hey @Bearchops The dongle is there as a back up to help keep you connected should there ever be a problem with your broadband connection. As long as this is all it's being used for, I'm sure there would never be a problem adding more data.

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Not applicable

The problem is that if this all happens transparently, then how is the customer going to know there is a problem - until all that data is used up!

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16: Advanced member

They won't need to know. Vodafone will be proactively monitoring the line and will manage the problem to resolution.

(wakes up with a sudden start - I must be dreaming again)

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