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Recommended 3rd Party Router for full fibre 900

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2: Seeker


I am looking for a recommendation for a router that meets the specifications of the Draytek 2927AC/AX. Over the past few days, I've been testing the Draytek 2927AX, which struggled to achieve full speed in PPPoE mode. I contacted Draytek's technical support, but they couldn't resolve the issue. They also suggested that my provider, VF and CityFibre, might intentionally lower the speed if you're not using their router. After speaking with VF's technical support, I was assured that such practices are not condoned and would be unprofessional. The matter was escalated within Draytek, but I returned the router as it didn't meet my expectations. Best Regards


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16: Advanced member

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16: Advanced member

It can also come down to how you are measuring the speed.  I've a device with a 2.5Gbps port connected through a 2.5Gbps switch to router 2.5Gbps port that can measure 1.2Gbps download speeds.  There's also a somewhat slow laptop here that will connect to the backup server over WiFi at 400Mbps, but it's internet connection measures at less than 250Mbps (not a problem it doesn't need such speeds).  *I'm not sure of the cause of such vagarities but they are definitely there!

The measurements are not done via Wi-Fi but through cables and 1GB interfaces. Another thing is when I connect the Draytek router in Static/Dynamic IP mode using the Vodafone router (THG300) as part of the chain - ONT, THG300, Draytek, PC - the speeds remain exactly the same as with just the THG300, consistently not dropping below 920 Mbps. However, when I connect the Draytek router in PPPoE mode using ONT, Draytek (in PPPoE mode), PC - the speeds do not exceed 450 Mbps. Therefore, this situation was perplexing for the Draytek technician, who suggested the possibility of speed reduction by Vodafone or CityFibre due to using not their own router

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16: Advanced member

There's several different versions of this Draytek router, and some of those struggle with poor WAN throughput. Which version do you actually have? 

Vigor2927AC  with last firmawre

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12: Established

How were you connecting to the Draytek? Wirelessly or wired? 

Please read the messages above, and you will know how to connect to the router. Best regards