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Other broadband queries

Rj11 cable with router

2: Seeker

Is the cable that comes with the router a standard rj11? I had an old one that was longer than the one supplied but it didn't work. Wondering if I need a special type. The one supplied is too short to use where we need it.

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16: Advanced member

It is standard, as in it is wired the same as any DSL cable that comes with a most modem/routers. It (like any DSL cable) is twisted pair and some RJ11 cables for other applications may not be, It only uses the centre 2 pins.

Longer DSL cables can be purchased on Amazon etc.

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16: Advanced member

Wilko does a 3-meter cable, Argos does a 5 meter and amazon/eBay does any length. There are plenty of websites that say the twisted pair cable is better, I have used both straight and twisted and not really seen any evidence to actually say which is better (shorter cables will always pick up less interference )

The twisted pair is supposed to cut down interference from devices like power adapters, TV, microwave ovens Radio / Electromagnetic Interference, etc 


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