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Other broadband queries

Transparency & Customer Service

2: Seeker

To say it's been a frustrating ordeal would be an understatement! In efforts to upgrade my services (Mobile/broadband) I've uncovered a massive black hole of customer service. 


I understand not everything can go according to plan but why should I as a paying customer be left in the dark, out off the loop and seeking results and information on social media only to find out there are so many others like me in the same situation. Some may find comfort in this but it makes me furious!!! 

No one wants to take accountability for what can only be described as a poor customer experience.


My first issue 

Waiting for my next day delivery upgrade to be dispatched. 2 working days later nothing. Not a call text or email letting me know there are delays. No social media post or communication of any value. How is this acceptable? 


2nd issue 


I've been out of contract for my broadband for a while and I noticed a drop in speed so i decided to renew my package (as minimum speeds are only guaranteed in contract) only to find out my package no longer exists as the speeds in my area have decreased. This was not communicated and to add injury to insult when you finish the 24 months contract your bill goes up. So in essence I've been paying more for a service that doesn't exist! 


I've been a loyal Vodafone customer since my first contract in 2007. Since then the value of contracts and customer service has slipped so far it's making me question why i remain loyal. 

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Hi @BobbyDown, I apologise for any inconvenience that's been caused; we don't want you feeling left in the dark. We've been made aware of some delays with a few of our orders and we've tried to text as many customers as possible, so I'm sorry if you've not been contacted. Have you had an update on your order? If not, you can track it here.

It sounds like you've had a discounted Broadband package at some point and the discount has ended after your minimum period - once again we do try to contact as many of our customers as we can to let them know when their contracts are coming to an end; so they're always getting the best deals possible. You can also keep an eye on these details using your My Vodafone account.  

It sounds like you've been keeping up to date via our social channels, if you'd like one of our agents to double check your order or Broadband options; you can contact our team there. 

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