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Ultra Hub Rebooting

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2: Seeker


I've recently received my Ultra Hub router and have been having consistent connection drops every couple of hours.

I think I've narrowed down the issue but I'm hoping someone can sanity check what I'm seeing:

  • Every couple of hours the internet drops
  • The router flashes blue, then flashes red, then goes solid white
  • During this time all my devices disconnect from the wifi completely and need to wait for a few minutes before the access point reappears.
  • In the local status checker the status page shows the hub has rebooted with a reason of "power". (Obviously I haven't rebooted it myself)

This leads me to believe that the hub is crashing and the issue is nothing to do with my internet connection at all. My connection is perfect in-between these drops.

Has anyone seen anything similar? Or can suggest any other things I can look at to confirm the issue? Vodafone support have had me restart everything and swap out cables but nothing is fixing the issue.

Thanks in advance!


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im having the exact same issue had open reach out replaced the connector box and the wire but still having the same issue, I personally think it is a fault with the hubs themselves but Vodafone won’t admit it .

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16: Advanced member

@jgwhittaker93 Did you examine the router logs? Is the router in a well ventilated place out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources? Have you tried it with the router power plugged into an alternative mains socket?

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I'm having the same issue except it's every 30 minutes!! My logs show System Self for reboot reason! Done multiple resets, engineer changed the master socket but still not working. Did you manage to get yours fixed?

Absolutely the same issue on my 10 day old hub. This is a replacement hub - my 'old' hub wasn't showing this issue, it was replaced as part of a fault finding trail. Now vodafone have arranged for open reach to come out tomorrow to test their side. I'm of the opinion that these Euro hubs really aren't up to the job and are prone to failure.

"my 'old' hub wasn't showing this issue"

Use the old hub. 

They took it back!

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For info. I have exactly the same issue with my new ultra hub which started around 3 weeks after installation - it’s crashing and restarting every few days.  Noticed that while the hub is power recycling, the green internet light and power light on the PON remain on, and there is no alarm showing. This strongly suggests to me  that the issue is with the router, and not due to any loss of broadband service. I intend to contact support and will post  results.

After multiple phone calls Vodafone finally agreed to send a new router out. Plugged in for the last 24 hours and hasn't rebooted yet. 

And the replacement for my replacement is on its way as well. Currently I'm back with my THG3000 unit and it's associated boosters -hasn't missed a beat. Might even end up continuing to use it - its been a much more reliable unit and will quite happily return a 500MB speed.