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What do you make of this THG3000G Remote access is enabled.

16: Advanced member

what do you make of this 

VODAFONE THG3000G router logs 


20.04.2021 21:49:55 system Notice Listening for NAT-PMP traffic on port 5351
20.04.2021 21:49:55 system Notice HTTP listening on port 5000

20.04.2021 21:49:31 system Warning 'InternetGatewayDevice.X_VODAFONE_LED.': no description
20.04.2021 21:49:31 system Warning [ 71.355338] bcmxtmcfg: Connection UP

20.04.2021 21:49:27 system Info Remote access is enabled.
20.04.2021 21:49:25 system Info TRANSFER: init transfer API
20.04.2021 21:49:25 system Info APP_TRACE: [plugins] registered '/usr/lib/cwmpd/'

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4: Newbie

I'm not very technical but does that mean the Vodafone router has a security flaw and a hacker could get access to my network and computers etc 

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16: Advanced member

What I think of that is:  That it is likely while modifying the router firmware someone forgot to suppress certain boot messages.  I would imagine that standard remote access to the router is not enabled, but the message is to do with the TR-069 protocol which almost certainly is enabled and allows settings on the router to be managed remotely.  Whether standard remote access is enabled should be pretty easy to test (ON YOUR OWN ROUTER ONLY)!

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