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Other broadband queries

What happens when contract ends?

4: Newbie

My gigafast contract ends in a few days time.  What happens?  Will it terminate? Roll on at the same price?  Automatically renew at a different price?

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17: Community Champion

A Pay Monthly contract drops onto a 30 day rolling contract @BobH 

A person can let the contract just run but any discount may end at the end of the contractual term or a person can re negotiate a new deal by calling customer services on 191 and choose the Thinking of Leaving option.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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16: Advanced member

Hey BobH,

Gigafast is landline right rather than mobile? 

If so, what BandofBrothers says is correct but would be worth checking you've not taken a promotional rate at the start of your deal (e.g. $x off for 12 months) that's going to expire when the contracts up, 

If you're gonna be out of contract, always worth having a look around for the next deal. The best price always comes from being tied in somewhere. 

Happy hunting!

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