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Resolved! Plex streaming quality

Hi All,I recently had the gigafast 900 service installed and getting the expected speeds 860mbps down and 930mbps up, however since I've had it installed I've noticed that my Plex server seems to now have quality issues when streaming.I can't see any...

OmegaSyn by 2: Seeker
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This page isn't working

Hi everyoneCan anyone help me please with a problem that I am experiencing with visitng websites.Every time I try to visit a website I get a page appear from Vodafone which states:"Vodafone.broadband redirected you too many times. Try cleaning your c...

AWK by 2: Seeker
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blocked devices not showing

I blocked a number of devices on the WiFi I didn't recognize but it turns out they were WiFi speakers. They aren't showing on either the blocked or offline list. How can I find and unblock them?

ES00 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! moving to home with fttp

I'm moving to a house that has fttp provided by openreach. Vodafone gigafast is unavailable in my area. I currently have the 80mb superfast 2 package, can I move that over to that line or will I have to either move to bt or get a fttc line put in to ...

Port forwarding for cctv

I have just changed to Vodafone & am trying to forward ports to allow remote access to my cctv - as I have done for years sucessfully with a plusnet router. The 'Dynamic port mapping' has the four ports I require listed but they are not open. I cant ...

Resolved! 5G gigacube 100GB plan spending manager

I’ve got the 100GB plan for home broadband with the 5G CPE PRO router. When I signed up through the chat the operator asked me if I wanted a cap and I opted for £0 ( zero ) which I believe means that once I’ve used up the 100GB it’ll stop working and...

fabyon by 4: Newbie
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Broadband Name Change

Hi,  I changed my broadband router name because it seems everyone around me also has Vodafone connect with a string of numbers. Now, the old name still shows when I check on my phone or PC. I did the forget network bit on both but if I rescan, it sti...

tromlui by 2: Seeker
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