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Pay as you go

Charges when £10 bundle is finished

3: Seeker

Hi :Smiling:


I just got my Dad a PAYG sim which i have put a £10 bundle on for him. I'm confused about what I read about charges after the bundle runs out. The standard charges are very high.

If I dont top up after the bundle expires will he still be able to make calls, text, go online or will this not work until i renew the bundle?

Regards and thanks Harry

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Harry108 


If the bundle is not renewed, the account will automatically revert to PAYG 1, the Terms and Conditions explain how this works here: Big Value Bundles Also more information here: Vodafone PAYG 


When the bundle expires, he will need credit for outgoing calls but should be able to receive.  Just make sure there is some credit added during three months to avoid disconnection.


Also take a look at Voxi, still Vodafone here: Voxi 


edited to add: @Harry108 to change to Voxi, no need for a Voxi SIM, as Voxi is part of Vodafone you continue to use the same SIM card as explained here: How do I join Voxi? 

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17: Community Champion

If enough Credit isn't topped up onto the account to allow the refresh to happen on the refresh date then the Big Value Bundle will now renew and it would drop onto the standard payg charges.

A call or text or data use wouldn't work unless there was some credit on the account.

Incoming calls and texts would still be received.

It's best to have enough credit on the account to allow the renewal or choose Payg1.

Vodafone also offer Voxi too if that's better.

Voxi but you'd need a voxi sim card.

See Vodafone Payg charges. Pdf. and 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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