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Pay as you go

Getting a receipt from a top up

2: Seeker

Can anyone tell me for what possible reason Vodafone don't issue electronic receipts for online top ups?


I've been using Vodafone's network for some additional work activity and require a receipt to show how much I topped up and when - not a VAT receipt, just something that shows the credit being applied and me paying for it. 


However, there's no record of the top up or transaction on the website or in my Vodafone account page, and I'm being told I need to apply and wait 3 days for one to be issued?


Why is this not emailed like everyone else? 


I've not had this problem with O2 or EE before. It seems like the most obvious way to keep track of payments, and I can't think of a single transaction I've made electronically that didn't include an email with confirmation of a successful payment. 


Why not Vodafone? 


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17: Community Champion

Does the method you used to pay for the online top up show as a payment to Vodafone @DSwan 

If so would your workplace accept that as proof ?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @DSwan 


If a VAT receipt would do the job, you can request a copy here: Request a VAT receipt 

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2: Seeker

I appreciate the reply, but as I explained, I'm aware of this option and I don't think I should have to wait upto 3 days for someone to manually fulfill this. 


My bank statement isn't proof of anything other than money was sent to Vodafone - not which number it was applied to, nor how it was used once on there - everything you'd expect Vodafone to track - but there's barely ANY information on my account outside of my mobile number and marketing preferences. 


It's basic online transaction management - your customer pays for a product or service, you issue a receipt to confirm what they've ordered.


The person who was on the other end of the 'customer service' text service (if we're calling it that), seemed to think there was a security issue, which I doubt. 

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