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Pay as you go

Can't top up or buy bundle/ "service" literally non existent

1: Seeker

Hello all, I have been with vodafone for a while regrettably and it has been a headache from day 1, now though my phone is genuinelly unusable. My last bundle lapsed and trying to either top up or activate a new bundle is being turned into the single most difficult thing I have ever tried to do.


  1. I had the £5 bundle, it lapsed because I forgot to swap the payment details when I changed banks
  2. I contacted the live chat "support" staff who told me the £5 bundle no longer exists
  3. The app forgets my details every single time I close it
  4. Asks me to set a new pin every time I open it
  5. Top up options do not work
  6. When I try to buy a bundle the £5 one is listed despite being told it isnt offered anymore
  7. Regardless of which bundle I select when I click to continue to payment it  shows me a page taht says "payment options" but doesnt list any options and then kicks me back to the bundle listing page and says "sorry, there seems to be a problem [Error ref 1w0]
  8. Now when I try to load the tobi thing to try and get help it gives me an infinite loading screen

Update: But wait theres more

  1. Can log in here to the forums but not to "my vodafone" to get a PAC code
  2. Try to log in says my details are wrong
  3. Even if I use the "forgot password" option, the temporary password that vodafone emails to me is also claimed to be wrong


So I am left with a provider that wont let me top up or buy a bundle and whose "support" is quite literally non existent. Has anyone else had this much trouble?


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Hi @uselesseeeeeeee thank you for getting in touch and letting us know what's been happening, this does sound frustrating and I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

It sounds like we may need to totally reset your online account, often called a cleanse, as this seems to be the link between these issues. 

So we can help further, please come and speak to my team on social media. 

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