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Pay as you go

Negative Credit shown in account

3: Seeker

Hi, been topping up £10 every month for a while now in order to keep a big value bundle rolling over. Did so again at the end of last month, and although i got an email and a text to say the top up was succesful and the big value bundle was rolled over, the amount never showed up on the vodafone app. As a result i am now showing a negative amount of credit ( -£7.12 instead of the £2.88 it usually shows ), and recieved a text telling me i had no credit left. Is this just a glitch in the app as i still have my allowances showing or do i need to contact vodafone. Thanks.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @didlysquat99 


I'd would suggest to speak to Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries Vodafone Social Media Teams or Live Chat  and they'll access your account to officially clarify.


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