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Pay as you go

PAYG Upgrade

2: Seeker

Elderly parent looking to upgrade phone to something like Mobiwire Onedia/ZTE Blade, why does she need to buy a £10 bundle that I'm assuming is for a new SIM she'll never use which seems a waste? 


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17: Community Champion



My understanding is that networks subsidise the cost of the phone this rules out being able to buy a phone without a service, although there are some people who would be quite willing to accept a surcharge on a phone without the service to go with it.  It does seem normal practice not only with Vodafone but also through third party sites.


It might also be worth looking a SIM free phones from a third party site but you may find the phone is the same price as being sold on PAYG with the added service.

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17: Community Champion

Totally understand what your saying @PNORTON 

This has been the norm for quite a while.

I've personally just used the credit up or passed the sim card to someone who could make use of the Credit on the sim card.

Argos sell the phone without a Sim Card as far as I can see.

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