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Pay as you go

SIM Card incorrect size

2: Seeker

Good Evening

I'm enquiring about a SIM Issue with my phone. I have ben a long-time serving customer of Vodafone and have always been on PAYG as it is hassle-free and simple (in my opinion)

I recently bought a new SIM and it's been fine however, just recently when I needed to reset my password for my email, it always leads me to my phone for a code. However the SIM is now not working and I cannot access the emails which is very annoying has there are some important documents on there that are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

I hope there is someone on here who can help, I went to my nearest Vodafone store and all they did was get a standard sim bracket and push my sim in there, which didn't make any difference as my username is like my type of phone I use, a cheap £20 doofer with no camera or internet which doesn't support these Nano or Micro sims, just a standard sim, being Autistic as well means I don't have the stress of worrying about internet or camera or contract etc

Thanks in advance



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17: Community Champion

The store should have done a SIM swap for you @user_brickphone, you would then have had the correct size SIM for the phone, the only problem is Vodafone have to send a verification code to the phone.  I would certainly recommend going back to the store and asking if it is possible for them to transfer your number to a new blank numberless PAYG SIM.


There is also the additional problem of you being unable to access emails without receive a verification code to your phone and this may be something for you to take up with your email ISP provider.



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2: Seeker

Thank You for your advice

In regards to the SIM, I understand completely, it was really frustrating once it did not work.

I honestly didn't think it would it have been that easy. I thought I may have been a bit more complex

In regards to emails, all I have set up is the phone and I can log in straightaway so as long as I can get the phone number back, I hopefully should be ok, I guess?

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Community Manager

Hey @user_brickphone 🙂 there's nothing to suggest that once you have the SIM card up and running, that you won't be able to then access your emails as normal. 

If you do need any help with this, please just come and have a chat with my team over on social media 👍 

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