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Pay as you go

SIM purged off network

1: Seeker

We have SIMs in meters, therefore static, that only communicate over SMS.  Unfortunately a number are being purged off the network.  Is there a time limited from activation, before inactivity forces the SIM to be kicked off the network?.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @BrianExbs 


The timeframe breaks down like this …
If a person does not make an activity as described above in 90 consecutive days then Vodafone make contact via sms to advise. Then if after 45 days no usage is made they send a final notification and then give another 45 days to make some activity.
Then the Payg account could be suspended and the number and account credit lost.
The mobile number is typically quarantined for a length of time and then put back into the number pool to be redistributed to another person.
If a Payg account is suspended then a person has 90 days to ask Vodafone to re activate the Payg account via 0333 304191,  191 from a Vodafone phone, 

Payg reconnection window is 90 days if a person contacts customer services on 0333 3040191,  Live Chat or the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

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