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Sim swap

2: Seeker

Just bought myself a new sim free android and went to my local vodafone shop(25-01-20) to get a sim-swap. Got it done and was told by the lad that it would be swapped to my new nano sim within the hour and working. It didn't happen. Went back in the afternoon and spoke to the same lad who said it could take up to 24 hours because the servers are busy at the weekend. Waited until the next day. Nothing happened. Visited the store for the third time the next day(21-01-20) and the lads there cancelled the first sim swap and gave me a new nano sim and did the sim swap again. Waited another 24 hours and still no swap has happened. My nano-sim is still as dead as a dodo. can you help.,I am desperate.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @greenbankroad 


I am wondering if the store did the swap to the wrong SIM.  If you are PAYG, the store need to provide a plan, blank, numberless PAYG SIM, if the swap was done to a pay monthly SIM, this could well be the cause of the problem with the swap not working.


I hate to say go back to the store, but this may be the quickest option to get the swap done for you to start enjoying your new phone.  The swap should be completed within the hour, probably sooner and it is sometimes necessary to go into the phone network settings and do a manual roam on to Vodafone.


If problems persists (there shouldn't be) you can contact the Team here on the forum by following this link: Contact Us 

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