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All I wanted was to buy broadband... but I am not able to do so. An afternoon wasted

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have been a Vodafone customer for about 20 years.

For some years now my account has been managed (well) by Onecom on Vodafone's behalf. I don't know how or why this happenned but my memory says that one day it had suddenly become so without my knowledge or consent.


However today I hit what appears to be an insoluble problem....

I wanted to get Vadafone broadband having found an excellent deal on Money Saving Expert with a gift card and the promise of extra savings for Vodafone customers. Lucky me... or so I thought


So I tried to buy it. As an existing customer I registered for and logged into MyVodafone and tried to buy the deal. Oh No! says the website you can't look at that you're logged into a business account. Do you wan't to look at business broadband?

I didn't but said yes anyway on reaching this point for the third time.

Oh No! says the website you can't look at that you're logged into a consumer account. Do you wan't to look at consumer broadband broadband?

You can guess what happenned if I said yes to that (see above logged into a business account)


If anybody is interested, the reality is I have a consumer acccount managed by Onecom. Not a business account - but then what is truth??


What a shambles! Still if I speak to one of those nice people on the help desk they'll soon sort it out, won't they?

Well no... The online chat (TOBi) won't work for me. Don't know why. Fortunately the one at Onecom does, like every other I ever tried, but they can't help with this Vodafone problem Nice helpful people though.

Keep trying....

Use the MyVodaphone App on my phone but (presumably because of my strange neith fish nor fowl status see below) the app doesn't work properly for me complaining about my account.

Keep trying....

Dial 191 which works fine unless I want help (which I do by now desperately) at which point they redirect the call to Onecom - who can't deal with this Vodafone problem or sell me the deal!


Can I sue Vodafone for the resulting mental health problems or the damage to the wall I have been beating my head against? I doubt it

Meanwhile I think it's time to go and find myself a broadband deal with someone who actually want's to sell it to me.


11: Established
11: Established

This is classic Vodafone

The issue is that you're a onecom customer (even though you're billed by Vodafone). All of these partner accounts are on an old billing system that's now only used for business if you deal directly with them (hence it saying you're a business customer) even though you have a consumer account (which is why it then says you're consumer).

Unfortunately broadband isn't (to my knowledge) available on that billing system so it's a pointless endeavour, unless you say you're a new customer and don't get the discount, or you use PAC codes and move over to Vodafone directly on their "new"(er) billing system

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Gosh, Onecom hasn't come up in a while!   From memory,, I think it's possible to get the account transferred back and then you'll be fine.   Contact the Social Media team on Facebook or Twitter and they'll be able to advise and do whatever is necessary/possible.