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Are premium texts allowed on Basics monthly package?

4: Newbie

I tried to send a text message to Times Radio on 87222. Worked on Giff Gaff  before changing to Voda.

 Some network packages charge extra, (usually about 25pence), some are included, but with the Vodafone Basics plan it just said “Not delivered”.

I don’t have any manual restrictions or got any restrictions messages, it just didn’t go.

Q.  Am I supposed to be able to send  texts to those low level premium numbers? (


We can't comment on how your device performs on different networks @TV175 

The description of the bar is the same regardless of what plan you have, there aren't custom descriptions for different plans. You can still attempt to remove the bar as that is a generic app feature but you still won't be able to use the premium services. 

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17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

As far as can be seen @TV175 from the webpage on this link Vodafone Basics from Plan Details, What's not included short code texts are classed as Outgoing and incoming Premium SMS messages and are unavailable.

Basics are cheap but don't include all the benefits of a full contract. As mentioned of Basics link if you want full service, you would need a SIM only contract.  

A workaround would be to get yourself a PAYG SIM and use PAYG 1 for the occasional short code message but if you are going to send a lot of short codes messages this could become expensive when you would need additional credit to send the premium rate texts.


Probably  just semantics but my Basics  plan IS a SIM only monthly plan for 12 months. 

Yet another disappointment was thst it said I could upgrade after 3 months but now that upgrade is offered its only for a new handset which is a barmy offer on a SIM only plan!  I would gladly upgrade to a better SIM only plan

OK I accept that I was stitched up a tad. Time to count to ten and move on. 


or is this it ?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It's certainly a confusing one for sure @TV175 . According to the link, outgoing and incoming premium rate SMS are unavailable, but it's unclear if these can be charged to the bill.

This is one for the Social Team to clarify.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Check your settings. Premium calls/messages might have been restricted. You can send any message/call with Basic, and will be charged for it. I used to have a basic SIM only that I had put in my car.
Having said that it was an additional line on my Account. It might be restriction is placed as possible no Credit Check for Basic SIM Only plan.

Nothing to stop you from Upgrading a SIM Only plan, as long as you are paying more than your current Plan.
Once changed then you will not be able to lower than monthly cost.

Hey @TV175 I hope you're doing well. Basics plans are just that; plans with very basic features. Premium rate services, international calls etc are automatically barred and the plan will be restricted from doing anything that will cause an out of bundle charge whether or not you remove the bars manually. If you want a plan that allows you to make premium rate calls, send premium texts etc, you would need one of our regular SIM Only plan. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

When did that change for Basic Plans? I am sure I have sent Premium Texts from my Basic SIM Only plan.

And why would I have the options to unblock, as in my image above?
I think the options on “Basics” May have changed over the years from when it was PAYG?

Basics plans have always had those additional services restricted @Getafix Most features that cause out of bundle charges have been removed from the Basics Plans, though there are still a few you can continue to use.

If you take a look at the Basics Plan page and scroll to the bottom, open the drop down titled 'Additional Charges' you will see that premium services, international, video calling, outgoing MMS messages and more are unavailable but there are some services that you can still choose to use but will incur additional charges for.