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Question about eSIM

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Hopefully a quickie,

I'm moving from 3 to Vodafone, I choose an eSIM Pay Monthly Package & I'm keeping my Old 3 Number. I ordered the package on the 30th, asking to be moved on the 13th, my current contract tie-in finished today.

With an eSIM Pay Monthly Package, do I first need a physical Vodafone SIM? As I haven't received one yet, I thought it was all done online? & the 13th is Monday!!! When my Number is supposed to be porting over to Vodafone?

So just trying to get a heads-up on what I need & what I need to do, for a smooth handover of my Old number to Vodafone....

Thanks for any info...


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3: Seeker

Hi, to my knowledge using an eSim you should not need any physical Vodafone sim.

If you haven't already it could be a good idea to check your emails to see if Vodafone has sent any updates on it, 

if you are still struggling to find information on its activation it might be best to ring Vodafone customer service on

0333 304 0191 from any mobile provider.

They should be able to give you updates specific to your account.

Hi Thanks for your reply,

Just been to visit the local Vodafone Store & they can't help till Monday!!! As my Account doesn't go "live" until then apparently, Why I don't know, It's a Vodafone thing? So still at a loss. Still no physical SIM & still no emails about any eSIM, The only email so far received, is surprise surprise that my DD has been setup to take payment!!! So it looks like I need to wait till Monday, when the switch from 3 to Vodafone is scheduled to happen & try & sort it out then, but it's not ideal, I could potentially be without a usable phone service, no wonder people stay with their providers, if a simple switchover like this causes issues...I'll add here what happens on Monday & whether indeed I needed a physical SIM or just an eSIM to help others out in the same boat...

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2: Seeker

OK, Just been switched over, Hopefully all gone smoothly & I can confirm, no Physical SIM needed, just the QR Code from Vodafone, so some of the Vodafone CS require further training.....