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Cancelled Account but Still Receiving Requests for Outstanding Debt

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I cancelled my Vodafone account some time ago (since I was NOT using my phone).  It was a lengthy process that required me to visit various Vodafone stores and finally speak to your Collections team, but I was satisfied when I finally spoke to someone, paid off any outstanding charges, and advised that everything had been paid-up and that I presumably would NO longer be harassed by debt companies, or yourself, for monies for a phone I was NOT even using.

Months later I have now received a letter from Vodafone advising me that I have an outstanding debt for £16.24 and that a debt collection agency will be contacting me shortly, and moreover that if I don't arrange to pay for the debt within 7 days of receiving your letter, I will risk having a default recorded against my name which may affect my ability to get a loan (etc)  Why the debt company still hasn't contacted me personally, I'm at a loss to understand...unless this is some sort of con and the letter from Vodafone is a fraud, and they're trying to coerce me to contact the collection agency myself, in order to give them my account details.

In any case, I cannot speak to anyone at Vodafone to get to the bottom of this, because my Vodafone account is long cancelled (hence, why I am baffled as to why I'm still being asked to make 'outstanding payments').  When I call Vodafone, I am required to give them an *active* mobile number.  When I provide my old Vodafone number, it is not recognised.

So, I want to know the following: (1) How do I speak to someone at Vodafone about this outstanding debt for a cancelled phone account, and (2) Why am I receiving letters requesting payment for a 'Mobile Airtime bill' for an account that was terminated several months ago, especially after I'd apparently confirmed with the Vodafone representive I spoke to (from the Collections team) that I was fully paid-up and would not have to worry about any further payments?  If I knew there were more payments, I'd have paid them off at the time, but I'm frankly baffled as to how further payments could have accrued for a cancelled phone account, and moreover one I wasn't even using when the account was still open.

I look forward to your swift response, as this is a matter of some apparent urgency, assuming the debt warning "You need to pay your bill or agree an arrangement to pay the Debt Collection Agency within 7 calendar days from the date of this letter" is legitimate.



Hey @FedUp79 thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. I'm sorry that you've still been getting requests from the Debt Collectors. So that we can take a closer look into this for you, please reach out to our Social Media team via Facebook or X.