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Closed account showing active on credit report

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Approximately 4 months ago I changed from Pay Monthly to Pay as you go, but the Vodafone Pay Monthly account is still showing as active on my credit report. About 2 weeks ago, I spoke to a Vodafone customer service representative via online chat to request that this information be updated on my credit report to reflect the fact that the account is now closed. The representative told me that someone would look into it within the next 4 working days, but too date the account is still showing as Active on my credit report. Please help


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @pgpollard It sounds like there's been a little confusion. Any amendments we make to your credit file would be visible to prospective lenders after working 3 days, but can take up to 30 working days to be visible to you via online credit file sites. Apologies if this wasn't explained correctly when you contacted us. I'm sure the adviser you spoke to made the required changes and it's just a matter of waiting to see this online. If you'd like us to check this, pop us a private message through one of our social channels and we'll take a look 👀

Vodafone still show my account active two years after leaving! When I got no goodbye letter after the nightmare broadband contract ended and we switched away, I spent hours here asking for clarification that the contract was really settled. (Never trust a utility, esp VF, not to stuff up your credit rating by claiming you left a penny outstanding on a contract). 


Weeks later I got an unrequested call responding to the 'complaint' which I hadn't made assuring me how completely and utterly closed the account was and that they never send letters. That was early 2019. 


We couldn't be bothered spending more hours getting it removed. May even help pass the credit check in the awful scenario you have to rejoin!

Hi @woodface7, our Credit File Specialists will be happy to take a look at your Vodafone account and any markers left on your credit file. You can speak to the team over Facebook or Twitter on the link posted by Mark. 

Thanks for that Mark. I've no problem with unwarranted green ticks on my credit reports! I'll leave your credit file gurus free to help those VF have let down. 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

If you change your mind @woodface7, we're only ever a message away and can make sure this is finally sorted for you. I understand it may not be causing a negative effect on your credit file however we can help to ensure your records are updated correctly and quickly.

So I did exactly what you recommended, I sent a private message through one of your social media channels. I had a lengthy conversation with a Vodafone customer service representative, who assured me that he had rectified the issue and my old Vodafone account would now show as closed/inactive on my credit report after a maximum of 30 working days from the date of our conversation. It is now 40 working days since our conversation and my old Vodafone account is still showing as ACTIVE on my credit report. Bear in mind that this is now the third Vodafone customer service representative that I have spoken to in the last 6 months to try and get this issued resolved... And still it is unresolved! 

Time to lodge an official complaint. Nobody takes you seriously in this organisation unless you do. They waste so much of your time with their inept systems and false promises that you deserve resolution and compensation. URL is on your bills:



They've managed to stuff my simple SIM only 'onboarding' giving the wrong amount of data, threatening to cut me off because they had failed to submit the direct debit, and bills are overcharged 50%! It looks like I'll be lodging another complaint too.


(If I asked them to remove my obselete account from my credit record, they would without question remove the new one by mistake.)


I just sent a DM to Vodafone's Twitter account and had a good conversation with a different customer service representative. He noticed that although my account reflected as disconnected and there was a zero balance, my existing phone number (which was a Pay Monthly, but is now a PAYG)

was still attached to the account. He assured me that this has now been rectified so that my old Pay Monthly account now reflects as inactive.  Apparently my credit file will update within a maximum of 30 working days to show that there's no longer a Pay Monthly active account with Vodafone. I will report back after 30 working days to let you know the outcome.

1: Seeker

Having the same issue where my account was closed 4 months ago but still showing as active in the credit report.