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Contract end date wrong

2: Seeker

I upgraded my phone yesterday 13/06/2019 on a 24 month contract.  I recieved my contract today stating my contract will end 15/02/2022.  This means my contract is 32months. Anyone else had this issue ?

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17: Community Champion

A Vodafone Contract should be 24 months @Vonnie65 


Yes we have seen previous posts where the contract end date was not correct and as such Customer services have dealt with it.


The only time I've known it to be longer is if a person has asked for an upgrade before the natural end of their contract term.


Flexi Upgrade.


I'd now suggest to speak with Customer Support via 191 or Live Chat.


Although the Vodafone Social Media Teams no longer access account via this forum they can help you via their Vodafone Facebook and Vodafone Twitter pages which are the official pages.

Link back to your thread here when engaging with them.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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