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Declined by Vodafone/ Can't understand why.

2: Seeker

Hello Everyone

Have a current contract with EE for 2 phones and 1 with O2 , all have been running for over a year, for myself and 2 children. A couple £22.00, the O2 one is £26.00 per month.

My Contract with EE is about to come to an end and found a contract through which I believe is carphone warehouse for £23.00 a month and was totally shocked when I was declinced. I am a home owner in my 50's, no mortgage. No finance for cars or anything.  Have a couple of credit cards which pay in full each month and a next account the same.  My partner and myself have a pretty decent income and would probably pay for the phone in full if it was more convenient. I've checked my credit score with experian and it is 983, so really can't understand it. I have lived at my address for 26 years so that isn't an issue. Read through all the reasons on the Vodafone site that may cause an issue and none apply to either my husband or myself. Over committed or recent searches, none are relevant. We haven't applied for anything where we are likely to have been searched since the last phone contract.


I panicked at first, after the initial shock and humiliation as I thought there may be something registed against my name that I was unaware, but my credit score proves that isn't the case. didn't even tell me that I was declined, only that there was a issue with Vodafone and the would call me back in 20 mins which they didn't. I had to chase them as I didn't get the call back.

They informed me that this is an issue with Vodafone and regularly happens and that they couldn't give me a reason and that I needed to speak to Vodafone. Vodafone said the opposite that I needed to speak with 


I really can't understand why I have been declined for a £23.00 a month contract. Can anyone give my an idea as to why because I really would like to know the answer.


Many thanks in anticipation.





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17: Community Champion

Yes @lkloooooo 


This has happened previously.


When a credit check has been done by a third party, there can be an error between the third party and Vodafone and instead of returning error, it comes back as failed.  The third party need to complete the check manually not electronically. When you check your file, it unlikely any identity or credit check has even been done.  


You can try direct with Vodafone but that mean missing out of saving money going through the third party.

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2: Seeker

Thank you Anns


It does seem really odd, I will try and find out if this is the case.


TBH I was only going with Vodafone for the deal and the prices direct with them are much more expensive. (This deal has now been removed) .After this I don't really want to use them anyway and would rather stay with EE. I just wanted an answer as to why, I believe there has to be an issue with how their system is working and they must be missing out on a lot of business via CPW.


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