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Entertainment package - Youtube - Will not sign up

2: Seeker

On my new contact I was given the entertainment package and so cancelled my YouTube Premium in order to get this. I've waited a month for it to time out and even left it a few days.

My youtube account is no longer premuim on my device or on my PC so I know it's cancelled, but when I use the message to try and sign up it still says 'Oh Dear !, it looks like you already have youtube premium......'


Now I figured the first bit of advice would be to wait a few days, so I created a brand new google account and tested it on an account that had never signed into youtube, I get the same message.


Is the youtube service no longer available? If not, how am I able to sign up to this?

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17: Community Champion

I had something similar and was told to clear cache and cookies in Chrome, then try again.

Before I had chance to delete the cookies the subscription resolved itself and started working on its own.

Vodafone customer since 2004. Attempting to help where I can on the Community

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