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Good deal?

4: Newbie
I am trying to identify if I am on a good deal with my Vodafone contract and would appreciate views from others based on their deals.
My 'Airtime' charge is £20 per month, with 20GB data.
I have been with Vodafone for 25 years!
Many thanks

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

It's nowhere near the best deal that those of us with Vodafone airtime contracts have!  IMHO SIM only is the way to go, and if you use the My Vodafone app I'll bet in the offers you'll find a substantially better deal that you can transfer to with no hassle.
*It doesn't always work while Im still a mobile customer, I couldn't get anything close to a sensible offer from Vodafone on my broadband until after I left - by which time it was too late!

Thanks CrimsonLiar - Ah yes, everyone offers you a good deal once you've left!

I should add, i am still in contract, and a long time to go too.

My Device is of course separate - I have a iPhone 12 mini 64GB and have paid £360 of £540 - and am paying £15 a month.

Please can you advise where in the app i need to go to to find the deals?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

In the app on the front page look in the "Your Plan" area.  BUT...  When you are on a plan with a device - you are paying off for that device, so your air-time/data plan is cheaper than my own.
*I could beat the price I'm paying with another supplier when my contract runs out - but not by much, and not with a major supplier, so unless VF do something stupid (such as my bad broadband offer), I'll probably stick with them.  I have swapped mobile services many times over the last 30 years, mostly because of bad end-of-contract upgrade offers!

Thanks-will take a look

4: Newbie

I spoke to Vodafone on chat regarding this, below is an excerpt of their comments.

"You haven't a sim plan, you have a device deal with an airtime plan, the prices are completely different"

"This is not about loyalty, is about 2 different deals, device and Sim only deal"

Basically said there is nothing they can do and instead tried to sell me more stuff.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

It's not a good deal and there's very little reason to stay with the main networks nowadays.

You can't do much until your contract minimum term ends. Then you can look around for deals, like with a Vodafone MVNO, 21GB for £7.95 and EU roaming included.

Thanks Chistery - i have accepted i will need to wait til end of contract, but Vodafone has been taking advantage of my loyalty for too long. i will leave them at end of contract and never return to them.