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Have lost YouTube Premium

4: Newbie

Hi, I've seen a number of people have had this issue and it's been a pain to fix so I'm hoping it's gotten easier.


I've lost YouTube Premium after 5 months even though I should have it for 24 months.


According to YouTube the subscription ended on 23rd Jan.


What's the easiest way to get this working again?


I've read that speaking to someone doesn't work and I'm not on Twitter.


Any suggestions?




Community Manager
Community Manager

We can certainly look into getting your subscription reset for you @Otuama34, as we're unable to discuss your account on a public forum such as our Community, we'll need to to reach out to us via a different platform. I understand you have said you don't have a Twitter account, but you can also contact our Social team via Facebook. If you don't have any social accounts, you can also reach us via our Live Chat service. If you prefer not to contact us online, you can always call us on 191 from any Vodafone number.

Did you get this resolved? I'm 5 weeks in and still no resolution. Just wait patiently etc

I've given up.


I got it back for a week but it then went again.

I got it back for 2 weeks but it then went again.


It's not on!!

Yeah it's ridiculous. Mine has been off since the start of march

Community Manager
Community Manager

This isn't good to see @SeanChandler & @Otuama34, let's see if we can get to the bottom of this and get your subscriptions back permanently. As we'll need access to your accounts to do this, pop us a message through our social channels and we'll be happy to take a look.

I've been in contact with your social channels since the 27th march after the online support team ran me round in circles for 3 weeks falling on their [Removed], now the social media team is just following a different script of "thank you for your understanding and patience" "we're sorry we can't actually provide the service you're paying for, but rest assured, we have our most promising toddler working on it tirelessly" 


It's been 7 weeks! Countless hours on phone calls, countless hours on live chats, countless unskippable ads. If I wasn't so confused and angry, it would actually be hilarious how ridiculous this whole thing is


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for confirming you're in touch with us via our social channels @SeanChandler. Please continue to work towards a resolution with us there and I'm sure we'll get your subscription back up and running.